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About the Second Floor

Located upstairs in the Robinson building of the Sq. Hill JCC, The Second Floor is open daily for teens to enjoy unlimited snacks and coffee, Netflix, Playstation, Xbox, friendly conversation, and more. The Second Floor is the most coveted spot to chill with friends, do homework or have meetings for youth groups.


Lounge on our comfortable couch or be productive at the coffee bar while sipping on a yummy cafe latte—compliments of us! Our fridge is stocked with an assortment of food to keep you fueled and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.


Our Peer Engagement Interns and staff are always here to greet you. Stop by whether it’s just to grab a snack or converse with friends—we love to see new faces! Find us on Instagram and Facebook@thesecondfloorpgh for a daily look into the fun on The Second Floor!

Hours of Operation

  • Monday–Thursday until 5.30 pm
  • Friday until 5 pm


Free Membership to The Second Floor Teen Center at the JCC!


The Second Floor Teen Center Membership is available to 6th grade through 12th grade teens who are not already members of the JCC. The Second Floor membership gives you a non-member JCC access card to the Robinson Building (5738 Darlington) of the Sq. Hill JCC from 1–5.30 pm Monday through Thursday, and 1–5 pm on Friday.


The Second Floor is open daily for teens to enjoy unlimited snacks and coffee, Netflix, PlayStation, Xbox, wellness room, and more. The Second Floor is always staffed by at least one employee when open. For more information, email Rachael Speck, [email protected].


Kashrut (Kosher) Foods Policy

Because The Second Floor Teen Center is a pluralistic space, we welcome teens to bring any food they want to eat to the center. All the food we serve or provide at The Second Floor is certified kosher. We have paper plates and utensils for teens who require those items to be kosher. The minhag (custom) of The Second Floor is to accept all hechshers/rabbinic certifications.


If you or your teen is involved in one of our programs and has a dietary restriction or adheres to a different level of kashrut, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them! Email Maria Carson for more info at [email protected].

Wellness Room

Stop by the JCC Wellness Room to practice wellness activities & to de-stress. We have puzzles, discovery sheets, meditation tools, aromatherapy, biofeedback and much more.
Looking for more wellness resources and online tools check out the JCC Online Teen Resource Room HERE or if you need a private online chat feature to connect with brief support check out up street.

Teen Wellness Committee

Join the teen wellness committee to plan events in the Second Floor Space around mental and physical wellness! (ex: art nights, destress activities, sports nights, etc..)  We want your ideas and your talents. Make friends & get  involved with community organizations that are promoting wellness.
For more information, email Maria Carson at [email protected].

The Second Floor Peer Engagement Internship

The Second Floor Peer Engagement Internship trains and empowers teens to help create a more connected and inclusive teen community. The Peer Engagement Internship is a 10-month paid internship for teens through The Second Floor at the JCC. Interns serve as connectors and builders of Jewish life in Pittsburgh, utilizing their own social networks and creating relationships with Jewish students across the community. Interns attend monthly skill-building workshops and create their own teen-led programs to welcome their peers to The Second Floor space. Interested students must be in grades 10-12 and over the age of 16 to apply.


Want to learn more? Check out our Peer Engagement page!



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