A Dedicated Space for Active and Passive Recovery Pre- and Post-Workout

Welcome to the recovery room

The Recovery Room is a dedicated space to aid in active and passive recovery pre- and post-workout.

Research shows that recovery is just as important as exercise, affecting the inflammation, soreness and lactic acid build-up in your body, as well as your risk of injury.

Active recovery means staying physically active while you recover from higher intensity exercise by using gentle, non-strenuous movements.

Passive recovery requires no movement at all; you simply let your body rest while you sit or lie down.

Some of the benefits of Recovery are:

  • Reduces the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, minimizing post-exercise stiffness and discomfort.
  • Helps alleviate fatigue and improve moods that typically crash after a big sporting event.
  • Promotes blood flow to the joints and muscles, counteracting inflammation.

Recovery Room Open Hours for Centerfit Platinum Members
Recovery Room is closed during classes

  • Monday-Friday, 6:15 am-2 pm
  • Monday-Thursday 5-7 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 10 am-2 pm

recovery room Classes

Recovery Room Class Schedule

Class Fees: Centerfit Platinum Members – No fee

General Members – $10/class
You can purchase classes in the Membership Office.
For more information email [email protected]

Sign up for classes on the JCC Pittsburgh App!

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Private Stretch and Recovery Sessions

Work with a recovery specialist who will guide you through a customized stretch and hypervolt session to help you meet your body’s wellness and recovery goals – increasing flexibility, reducing muscle and joint discomfort, and improving athletic performance.

6 half hour sessions

  • $240/Centerfit Platinum
  • $270/General Member

Contact Annie Kostovny: [email protected]

Services and Therapy Equipment


  • Group and individual options available
  • Improves performance, decreases risk of injury, enhances range of motion and functionality of joints and muscles

Normatec Compression Leg Sleeves:

  • A pair of “pants” that uses air to apply pressure to the muscles of the legs
  • Relieves pain and soreness, increases oxygen in the muscles, warms muscles and improves flexibility

Hypervolt Massage Gun:

  • A handheld device that “pounds” your muscles in rapid succession
  • Increases circulation, improves flexibility, provides faster relief to muscle soreness, decreases tightness, and reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Vyper 3 Foam Roller:

  • A battery-operated foam roller that vibrates
  • Increases flexibility, relieves tightness and soreness, breaks up scar tissue and muscle adhesions, warms up and activates muscles before workouts, and accelerates recovery after workouts.


  • A battery-operated ball that vibrates to offer pinpoint pressure
  • Loosens up tight muscles and trigger points, increases range of motion and flexibility, helps reduce DOMS.

Heat/Cold and Vibration Therapy:

  • A brace that you wrap around the desired body part that offers heat, cooling and vibration. Knee, shoulder and back available.
  • Warms up and loosens muscles surrounding the joints while relieving inflammation and soreness.

Core Immersive Therapy:

  • Uses biofeedback technology to aid in meditation by choosing from a library of guided meditations, soundscapes and breath work sessions.
  • Reduces stress, improves mood, helps with focus, aids in sleep.

Other Recovery Modalities:

Lacrosse balls, spiky balls, Acumobility balls, foam rollers,yoga wheels, acupressure mat, stretching straps and bands, Psorite, Pilates equipment, yoga mats, stretching tables, and a variety of classes to aid in all types of recovery.

Things to Know Before You Come

  • You must be 18 or older to use the Recovery Room.
  • You need to provide your own headphones for meditation.
  • The Hyperice and Core Meditation app need to be downloaded to your smartphone prior to use of some of the equipment.
  • It is recommended that you hydrate before and after your recovery session.
    No bags are allowed in the room for safety and security reasons.


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