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The JCC is committed to the highest ethical standards of development, recognizing the partnership between the donor and the agency as the most important element of philanthropy.

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$2.3 million awarded financial assistance
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Providing quality programs and services
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30,000+ people served annually

“During the pandemic, we marveled at the resilience, resourcefulness, compassion and ingenuity of the leadership and staff of the JCC. I cannot imagine how many people of all ages would have suffered greatly without their steadfast support and creative programming.”

Karen Feinstein, Jewish Healthcare Foundation

Donor Recognition

Honoring Generosity and Commitment

Historic donors whose gift or donation, between 1987 and the present, have been memorialized by the JCC.

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We will assist you in finding an area for your donation that matches your wishes or interests.

Fara Marcus

Chief Development and Marketing Officer
Phone: 412-339-5409

Sara Rhoades

Development Manager

Phone: 412-697-3510


Melissa Hiller

Community Engagement and Development Officer

Phone: 412-697-3231


Abbey Myers

Development Manager

Phone: 412-697-3535


Teddi Horvitz

Development and Emma Kaufmann Camp Alumni Associate
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